4th of July Bingo Cards Flag

The story of the Declaration of Independence and the war with Great Britain is one of the most famous in American history.

Here’s a fun variation on Bingo that will give older children a bit of a challenge while letting the young kids fully enjoy the game.

Independence Day Trivia Bingo

  1. Make a list of facts about the 4th of July that you’d like to share as part of the bingo game. You can then use words from that list to build your bingo cards and make a call list to use in the game.
  2. Make your custom bingo cards. (Sign up for a free trial here)
  3. Do NOT cover the free space. Unlike other versions of bingo, don’t have the kids cover the “free space.” In the trivia version of bingo, you “win” the middle space by answering a question correctly. Make the questions as easy or difficult as you like. You might even offer a prize for answering very difficult questions.
  4. Use 4th of July stickers, candies, bits of colored paper as markers for the game and offer a fun prize to the first few players who shout “bingo!”

Have a truly wonderful Independence Day and enjoy your bingo games!