ways to mark bingo cardsWant to mark your bingo cards with something other than giant green daubers? Here are 5 creative ways to mark your bingo cards:

1. Stamp Markers

You may have seen these in your local craft store if you don’t already have some. They look just like markers except when you remove the cap you’ll see that the “coloring part” of the marker is flat and has a fun shape. Point at a right angle with a piece of paper (or one your free bingo cards!) and press down gently. Lift and you’ll see a bright shape left behind. Turtles, birds, frogs, and random shapes are available. It’s up to you!

2. Bits of scrap paper

One fun way to use up extra bits of paper, especially heavy construction paper, is to use it for bingo markers. Players can use safety scissors and markers to make fun shapes and draw on their bits of paper before playing bingo.

3. Candy

Small pieces of candy make great markers and ensure everybody wins in the final round! Remember all the candy you bought on sale after Easter? Now is the time to use it!

4. Stickers

Many arts and craft stores offer sheets of holiday-themed stickers you can use to mark your custom bingo cards. (sign up for a free trial!) Most kids love to put stickers on things. Why not have them learn something while they’re peeling and sticking? It’s fun!

5. Crackers

You can use animal crackers, goldfish crackers, or any small cracker of your choosing to mark your bingo cards. Playing with food before it is eaten might be against the rules at the 4th of July BBQ but it makes for good bingo fun!

With customized bingo cards, fun markers, and a bit of creativity, you should be all set for a rewarding game of bingo that is fun for everybody!